Do COVID Research


The aim of this Wiki is to collect links on how you can volunteer to participate in research on the COVID 19 pandemic. There are three categories of links:

  1. Volunteer as a Researcher: These are places where researchers can volunteer their time and resources to help with existing research projects on the COVID 19 pandemic.
  2. Volunteer for Clinical Trials: These are places where members of the public can volunteer to participate as subjects in research on the COVID 19 pandemic.
  3. Donate To Research: These are places where you can donate money and/or equipment to research projects on the COVID 19 pandemic.

This is a public wiki, so you can add your own links if you register for an account, or email if you would like us to add a link for you. Registration and login links are available by clicking the pencil icon at the top-right of the page. Click here to learn the wiki syntax.

There are many ways you can help out during the pandemic other than getting involved in research, e.g. volunteer at or donate to your local hospital, food bank, etc. We encourage you to do so. However, this website only lists places to volunteer or donate to research projects. It is designed primarily for researchers who want to help with research, but do not know the best way of doing so. For this reason, links to other ways of helping will be removed.

Volunteer as a Researcher

Name Link Type of Research Location Accepting Volunteers Accepting Projects Social Media
Coronavirus Survey Translation Worldwide Yes No
CoVent 19 Challenge Engineering Worldwide Yes No Twitter Facebook Instagram
Crowdfight COVID 19 All Worldwide Yes Yes Twitter
Data Against COVID Data Science Worldwide Yes Yes
Hack the Crisis Coding Various Yes Yes
Help With COVID Various Worldwide Yes Yes
Helpful Engineering Engineering Worldwide Yes ? Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
Kaggle COVID 19 Challenges All Worldwide Yes ? Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
Open Source Medical Supplies Engineering Worldwide Yes Yes
RAMP Computer modelling UK Yes No
Folding@Home Just donate computer cycles Woldwide Yes No

Volunteer for Clinical Trials

Donate To Research

Name Link Location Type of Donation
COVID 19 Solidarity Response Fund Worldwide Money
Gates Foundation COVID 19 Fund USA Money
Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security USA Money